Antique Furniture Restoration In London

Whether you have an antique staircase with beautiful balustrades, or a bedside table from the Georgian period, if it needs restoring, then Prestige French Polishing can help. We’re truly passionate about antiques and have over 15 years of experience in restoring antique pieces.

Our antique furniture restoration services in London include:

  • Furniture repairs and restoration, including hand rails, joinery and floor repairs.
  • Traditional French Polishing to restore shine and chatoyancy to wooden furniture.
  • Lacquer finishes/Specialist finishes
  • Oiling and Waxing
  • Colour spraying
  • Metallic finishes
  • Graining, fixing chips and scratches, and touch ups
  • Colour matching and staining.
  • Ring removal and water damage repairs
  • Magicman repairs- perfect for wooden or laminate flooring.

Whether you’ve found an old table at an antique shop, or had a family piece for many years, we’ll take the greatest care to restore your furniture to its former glory.

Based in Notting Hill, London, our team regularly work through West London, including Chelsea and Kensington. We can discuss any process or advise on any ideas you have, including the sheen, finish and colour for your furniture.

Simply call our friendly team today on 0207 2211654 or 07847 220255

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