Antique Furniture Restoration in London

Long-lasting and often beautiful, antiques really enhance our homes. It has more character than modern furniture and tends to grow in value, unlike modern tables, chairs or sofas. Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian furniture is perennially popular, with this period and even older furniture getting record amounts at auction.

17th century furniture in particular is often highly beautiful. This was an era when it became highly decorated with Veneering, Inlaid and Lacquering, techniques which continued into the 18th century. Some parts of wood were filled with mother of pearl, while lacquering arrived in Great Britain for the first time. New types of furniture also became common in this era. From chest of drawers to grandfather clocks, if you own this type of furniture it’s a real treasure.

In the 19th century, mass production led to a loss in quality. However, there are still many beautiful pieces from this period.

If you’ll searching for antique restoration in London, Prestige French Polishing can help. Working throughout the city, we restore furniture everywhere from Kensington to Notting Hill. Restoring any antique furniture to its former glory, we’ll ensure any family heirloom will last for many years to come.

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