Antique Furniture Restoration In West London

Antiques tell stories, are faithful friends in family homes, and have a charm that new furniture simply cannot emulate. It’s no wonder that we don’t want to say goodbye to them. Stately houses partly remain popular because we love looking at all the old furniture, and reading about where it came from.

Many pieces of furniture also increase in value, so it’s worth taking care of them. A Louis the 14th table, for example, is an increasingly popular piece and only becoming more sought after. Whether you have an Edward Ian credenza or an ebony-inlayed 16 seater dining table, Prestige French Polishing can restore it to high standards.

And why should we give up older furniture, when antique restoration is so efficient? You’ll be amazed at how skilled antique restorers are with modern techniques.

Do you need antique furniture restoration in West London?

At Prestige French Polishing we restore furniture using a variety of different methods, including French Polishing (as our name suggests!), oiling and waxing, graining, lacquers, colour matching and staining, touch-ups, scratch and chip repairs, ring removal and water damage repairs.

Whether you have an antique piece from the 1700s, or a charming Victorian cabinet, Prestige French Polishing have the skills and experience to restore it to its former glory.

Learn more about our different kinds of antique restoration.

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