Antique Furniture Restoration London

Furniture restoration is ideal for jobs where it won’t diminish its value. It’s also perfect for touching up those more distinguished pieces. Whether bought at an auction or found at the roadside, most pieces of antique furniture have potential. After all, they have managed to survive up to this point.

Breathe new life into any antique with Prestige French Polishing.

If you have an old treasure in London, our expert team are keen to help. Whether it requires a complete facelift to make it useable again, or smaller touches to restore value, our expert restorers will help.

We have built up a distinguished reputation over the past 15 years. Committed to providing a professional and speedy service, antiques will be transformed before your eyes. Our services include furniture restoration, French polishing, lacquer finishes, oiling/waxing, colour spraying, metallic finishes, graining, touch-ups, scratch/chip repairs, ring removal, and water damage repairs.

Our team are available anywhere in London, including Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Notting Hill.

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