Considering Using Furniture Restorers In London?

Restoring furniture demands patience, time, and a vision of what the final outcome can be. Sometimes imagining what a piece looked like new can be difficult, especially if it currently looks like it could be on the scrap heap.

If you’re considering using a furniture restorer in London, it’s crucial to make sure the piece is suitable for restoration. At Prestige French Polishing, we are experienced furniture restorers based in London who can help you make that decision.

When is an antique worth being restored?

Firstly, if the piece doesn’t have solid wood, or have high-end veneers, then it probably isn’t of the highest quality. If the piece is painted, it can be worth stripping a small area of paint. This will give the furniture restorer more of an idea what they’re working with.

Furthermore, it’s worth seeing if there are any pieces missing; one of the best things about wood is it can easily be replaced. However, there are some bits and parts that can’t.

Secondly, ascertain whether the piece is well-constructed. Antique furniture should have strong joinery and be made of quality materials. If it isn’t, no amount of restoration will turn it into a sought-after antique.

Thirdly, is the design pleasing enough to be restored? If you’re using it in your home, then it’s worth going ahead; but if it’s being sold, it’s important to decide if it’s worth it.

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