Do You Need Furniture Restorers In London?

All older furniture has a story to tell, whether it’s been passed down for ten years or fifty. It’s no wonder that antiques have a unique and irrefutable charm, which new furniture can rarely ever emulate. The only problem is, like anything else, over time, they begin to lose their original lustre. Decades of use can leave even the strongest chair looking scuffed or worse-for-wear.

Whether you have a Georgian chair, Victorian bookcase, or 16th century wood panelling, get in contact with the team at Prestige French Polishing.

If you need furniture restorers, there’s no team in London more passionate or dedicated. Having an old piece of furniture restored could be a great Christmas present, whether for yourself or a loved-one. It can give a sense of renewal and continuity, at a time when many of us lament the passing away of another year.

In the past, our team have worked on a wide variety of projects, including book shelves, staircases, dark wood cabinets, and much more. You can see examples of our work on our main website.

Based in London, we work on projects all across the city, including in the West End.

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