Do you need Furniture restorers in London?

It is no surprise so many people want to hang on to antique furniture. Such pieces are often sturdier, well-made and tend to possess more character.

Full of nostalgia, antique furniture also tends to have a rich history behind it. Carrying the magic of bygone traditions and a tangible link to your own heritage, who doesn’t love chairs or cabinets with a story to tell?   Whether a family heirloom or acquired from an antiques fair, such furniture can remain in families for generations if cared for properly. It’s no wonder so many people are passionate about antiques.

Do you need furniture restorers in London? Simply head to Prestige French Polishing. We offer a wide range of services to restore furniture, including furniture/joinery/handrail/ floor repair and restoration, French polishing, lacquer finishes, oiling/waxing, colour spraying, touch ups, graining, ring removal, water damage repair, and much more.

Based in Kensington but also located throughout the city, we’ve helped people restore old furniture for over 15 years. We use both traditional and up-to-date techniques to carry out restorations and are committed to the highest quality possible.

Bring your furniture back to its former glory and get in touch today.