Find a French polishing company

Want to give your furniture a shine to be proud of, this summer? If so, you might want to consider French polishing. If you have antique furniture or any highly figured wood, it’s considered one of the most beautiful finishes.

This technique first appeared in the 18th century, but became more prominent in the Victorian era, and was most commonly used on expensive woods like mahogany. However, the first polishing techniques using shellac appeared around 1590, during the Elizabethan era. We know this, because it featured in the recordings of an English writer travelling to India around this time.

The core ingredient of this method is Shellac, which is derived from the effluvium of a beetle called the Laccifer Lacca. These insects are found on bark on India and other Eastern countries. This product was confined to the Middle East until the French brought it over, in the 17th century.

Since preparation of surfaces and technique is so important, it’s best to hire a professional French polishing company. If you’re looking to find a French polishing service in London, consider Prestige French Polishing. Our areas include London, Kensington, Chelsea, and Knightsbridge. At Prestige, it’s our job to make your furniture look utterly beautiful, every time.

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