Find Furniture Restorers In London

Do you have an antique that has a long and rich past? If it’s fallen into dis-use thanks to minor damage, a good furniture restorer is needed.

Some furniture in the UK has come a long way. For instance there is a bed called the Berkley which is 400 years old and has been slept in by 15 generations. And then we have Tudor furniture which provides a fascinating portal into the past. Whether you love baroque Georgian furniture or floral Victorian pieces, antiques bring character and style to any home.

No matter the period of furniture you love, Prestige French Polishing will help turn back the clock.

If you’re looking to find restorers in London, our team have over 15 years of experience and work with all kinds of pieces. With a mixture of modern and traditional techniques, your furniture will have the equivalent of a facelift, making it look like it would have originally. As our names suggest, we specialise in the French polishing technique. This adds an irresistible shine to your burnished surface and makes your furniture glow again.

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