French Polishing Company In Mayfair

Fancy the highest quality French Polishing in Mayfair?

Put your furniture in the dexterous hands of Prestige French Polishing.

This polishing technique results in an irresistibly high-gloss finish, with a deep rich colour and chatoyancy. Chatoyancy refers to the optical reflectance effect seen in certain gemstones, like Tiger’s eye or Quartz cat’s eye. This leads to the grain of wood having a striking ‘three-dimensional’ appearance, which promotes vibrancy, iridescence and shine.

Although wetting wood with water can achieve chatoyancy, this effect obviously doesn’t last. Thanks to the fact it achieves such warmth and chatoyancy, French polishing is considered to be one of the most beautiful finishing techniques.

Prestige French Polishing have been providing this technique throughout London for over 15 years, including for both commercial and private clients in Mayfair. Whether you’re an interior designer working on a larger project, or a private individual refurbishing your furniture, our professional team are happy to help.

As a French Polishing company, we also provide furniture repairs, joinery and restoration; lacquer finishes; oiling and waxing; colour spraying; metallic finishes; graining; colour matching and staining; and much more.

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