French Polishing Contractors In London

The technique of French Polishing blossomed in the 18th century with much fine furniture being finished this way.

In the Victorian period it was commonly used on mahogany and other expensive woods, along with string instruments like pianos and guitars.

Because the technique is so labour intensive, it was largely abandoned in the 1930s; but thanks to its effectiveness it quickly regrew in popularity. It is easier to correct mistakes in French polishing compared to other polishes, with patch repairs easily blended into the existing finish. The process can be lengthy and repetitive, so most people prefer to hire a professional contractor.

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Whether you require a contractor for a large project, or have a smaller item, Prestige French Polishing have the skills and knowledge to restore any piece of furniture. We work throughout London, delivering the finest French polishing on everything from bookcases to staircases.

Our team are committed to providing a fast and professional service, no matter how large the project.

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