French Polishing Contractors In Mayfair

Could your antique wooden furniture use some TLC?

Wood needs protection from conditions like humidity and sunlight, and general every day wear. That is the job of lacquers like French polish. But what precisely is this classic type of polish made of?

A natural polish and traditional technique.

French polishing involves the use of shellac, which comes from the resin secreted by the Lac beetle, which lives in trees in India and Thailand. The resin is then dried and made into a solution using alcohol, which offers excellent protection and aesthetic value.

French polishing brings out the natural beauty of wood, and helps to protect it in the meantime. The woods which respond best to French polishing are dark-grained timbers, like Rosewood, Mahogany and Walnut.

Where can I find French Polishing Contractors in Mayfair?

At Prestige French Polishing, we offer a wide range of different polishes and techniques, to restore your furniture to its former glory. As our name suggests, we specialise in French Polishing techniques to give your furniture that unbeatable shine and depth of colour.

Whether you have a handrail or antique table, our French Polishing Contractors in Mayfair can take on any sized project.

To get in touch with our French Polishing Contractors, call 0207 2211654 or 07847 220255.

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