French Polishing Contractors

Want to polish up your act this summer? Or at least polish up your furniture? While we all love having antiques in the home, they sometimes need brightening up from time to time. With a shine and a buff, they can often have a new lease of life.

If you have a beautiful antique which needs polishing and want to use traditional techniques, French polishing is ideal. Softer than modern varnishes, it is also much simpler to repair; this is because patch repairs can be easily blended into an existing finish. No horrid cloudy marks need to remain for long!

Creating a high gloss surface which will dazzle any visitor, it’s particularly ideal if you have high figured wood.

Modern day French polishing is a special skill which is best done by professionals. When searching for the best French polishing contractors, simply give Prestige French Polishing a call. Based in London, our well-established company are passionate about this technique. We have over 15 years of experience doing French polishing for a variety of projects.

Based in London, we work throughout the city, bringing furniture back to its former glory.

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