Furniture Repairs Mayfair

Antique furniture is often the most attractive and prized in a house. This is thanks to the fact it has an interesting story to tell and has strong sentimental value. Older furniture is also frequently better made than modern pieces. It shows a high level of skill, workmanship and sense of style.

If you’re a fan of history, antique furniture is a real delight. With its carefully crafted details and ancient wood, it’s reminiscent of a whole other time and place. A Queen Anne cabinet for instance can fetch thousands. Good maintenance however is part-and-parcel of retaining value.

Have you got a beautiful antique piece, which you don’t want to let go? Perhaps it’s suffered a minor accident or been subject to the vagaries of time. From uneven legs to broken cabinet doors, such damage can usually be relinquished with the right repairs.

If you need furniture repairs in Mayfair, give Prestige French Polishing a ring. As a well-established French Polishing company, we also carry out furniture repairs and restoration throughout London. Other services include lacquer finishes, oiling/waxing, colour spraying, metallic finishes, touch-ups and scratch/chip repairs.

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