Furniture Restorers In London

Over the years, furniture inevitably suffers scratches, dents and loses its original shine.

Just like a famous painting, its original colours fade, and it can look a ghost of their former self. Unless you live in a museum, furniture is subject to coffee rings, cracks and divots that appear on the wood’s surface.

But like a piece of fine art, if given to a professional craftsman, furniture can be restored to its former glory. Many people take deep pleasure in restoring furniture and taking the years away from wood or upholstery. So much so, they seek out older pieces at auctions or antique houses.

For furniture restorers in London, contact Prestige French Polishing.

As our name suggests, we use classic French polishing techniques to restore fine furniture, whether it’s a bookcase, cabinet or dining table set.

We offer a vast selection of specialist polishes, including both traditional and modern finishing techniques. Our services include furniture restoration French polishing, lacquer finishes, oiling/waxing, colour spraying, metallic finishes, graining, touch ups, ring removal, water damage repairs and Magic-man repairs.

Our team work throughout London, including Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill.

Turn back the (grandfather) clock in 2016.

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