Furniture Restorers Kensington

Like a fine wine, many pieces of furniture get better with age. From grandfather clocks to 18th century chairs, they gain character along with stories as they accompany us through life.

But just like us, they often need a little help now and then to keep the signs of age at bay. If you need craftsmen to restore your antique furniture, no matter its age or condition, contact Prestige French Polishing.

Our furniture restorers have a real passion for restoring older furniture, using a variety of methods, including the finest French polishing techniques. We offer an extensive range of specialist finishes and repairs to give your furniture a proper face-lift.

Our team work across London, particularly in the West End, including Kensington, Knightsbridge, Chelsea and Notting Hill. Past projects include extensive work for various clients in Hyde Park, which required the most adroit craftsmanship and care.

So whether it’s a vintage chest, 17th century table or Victorian book shelf, give us a call today. Your furniture could begin 2016 with a brand new lease of life.

0207 221 1654.