Furniture Restorers Kensington

Antique furniture is often the most cherished in a home. Full of stories and family heritage, it is usually better made than modern equivalents. While modern furniture is purely practical and a consumable product, vintage furniture is a real asset.

Antiques also have a uniqueness that is impossible to emulate and tend to increase in value over time. However it’s important such furniture is kept in good condition. Additionally, you can buy some amazing antiques in London which look fantastic when restored.

If you have antique furniture that needs a facelift, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. Antiques often reap big rewards at auctions when well-maintained. Unlike other items, antiques and collectables tend to hold their value when inflation occurs. If a family heirloom it will also ensure it’s in the family for a long time.

For fantastic furniture restorers in Kensington, look no further than Prestige French Polishing. A well-established French polishing company, we also specialise in furniture restoration. At Prestige, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work.

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