Highly Experienced French Polishers in West London

Want to bring out the natural beauty of your wood?

If you’re based in West London, our highly skilled French polishers can come to your property and restore that gorgeous high gloss surface to your furniture.

French polishing uses the natural substance of shellac which is ideal for polishing highly figured wood. This method became popular in the 1700s and until the 20th century was renowned as the best finish for fine furniture.

Although other methods have surmised, it is still considered one of the best for antique pieces which aren’t used regularly. French polishing is far more forgiving if you make a mistake as it can easily be corrected. However, it is highly labour intensive, along with tricky, which is why people usually hire somebody to carry out the process rather than attempting it themselves.

A French Polisher can produce a high gloss surface on your antique furniture or string instrument, whether it’s a grand piano or ornamental harp. Prestige French Polishing have a highly experienced team who work on both small and large-scale projects throughout West London, including in Kensington, Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

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