Hunting For Professional French Polishers?

Are you searching for professional French Polishers for a project in London?

One of the most classic finishes for finely figured wood, French polishing involves the use of shellac to bring out the natural richness and chatoyancy of the wood.

The benefits of this technique include an unmatched depth and lustre, the use of non-toxic substances and the ability to freshen up a surface at any time, with French polish much easier to correct than other polishes.

What is this type of polish made from?

Secreted by the female lac bug, shellac comes from the forests of India and Thailand. Today it’s not only used in this wood polish but in nail polish and food colourants. Some candy makers also use it to give sweets that lacquered look.

Since it provides a fast finish without the need for spraying, French polishing is perfect for high-end antiques.

French Polishing can be more complex and laborious than other techniques, so it’s usually best to hire a professional French Polisher.

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