Looking For French Polishing Contractors In London?

France might not have won Euro 2016, but they do have one of the most famous wood polishing techniques…

The substance used for French Polishing is made up of shellac flakes, dissolved in methylated spirit. It is considered one of the most beautiful finishes for wooden furniture, creating a rich colour and deep chatoyancy (the ‘cat eye’ effect). Colours can vary from light brown to a rich, dark brown. If you’re after a high gloss finish, French Polishing could be for you.

Practice makes perfect with this technique, which is why people prefer to use experienced French Polishing Contractors. A contractor will ensure there are no ripples, rubber burns, milky films or finger marks on your finish.

The history of French Polishing.

This technique became popular in the 18th century, with Victorians later adopting it as the standard finish for furniture polishing. Back then it was commonly used on mahogany and fine furniture, along with string instruments like pianos.

An experienced French Polishing contractor in London.

Based in West London, our contractors work throughout this part of London, bringing wooden furniture back to its former glory.

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