Need a French Polishing Company in London?

If you want to achieve a high gloss surface with a deep colour and chatoyancy, French polishing is one of the most effective techniques- particularly for fine furniture and string instruments.

Because it is a highly labour-intensive technique, it was a technique that was largely abandoned in the 1930s but the results are so good, it had a resurgence in popularity.

Whether your project is big or small, Prestige French Polishing is one of the most reliable French polishing companies in West London. We help everybody from interior designers working on large projects to individuals who want to polish single pieces of furniture.

Whether you have a grand piano, antique table or staircase, Prestige French Polishing can make it look its absolute best. We can also carry out any necessary repairs before going ahead, which is absolutely essential.

Our team offer both traditional French polishing techniques and more modern methods to make your furniture look stunning and just like new.

Our services also include applying lacquer finishes, oiling and waxing, colour spraying, metallic finishes, graining, colour matching and staining, scratch and chip repairs, water damage repairs and Magicman repairs.

If you need a French polishing company in London, why not get in touch with our team today?

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