Need Affordable Furniture Repairs In London?

Have you been spring cleaning (a little early!) and noticed one of your favourite pieces of furniture needs repairing? Perhaps it was only when the dust was blown away, you noticed cracks or loose pieces of wood.

Older furniture is usually better made than flat packed furniture, but just like anything, it needs a certain degree of maintenance to remain in good condition. Whether it’s been manhandled or simply worn out after several decades, Prestige French Polishing can help make it look like new.

Our team work all over West London, including Chelsea, Kensington and Notting Hill.

Whether you have a special table in Chelsea or an antique bookcase in Kensington, we can bring your furniture back to life.

Our furniture restorers have maintained a great reputation over the past 15 years, and have a real passion for what we do, which is reflected in the consistently high-quality of our work.

Our services include a vast selection of finishes and repairs, using French Polishing techniques; however, we also use more modern methods. Our furniture repairers can work on a huge variety of furniture, from bookcases to staircases and tables.

Why not discover more about our services in Kensington?

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