Need Experts In Traditional French Polishing?

French polishing is one of the most popular traditional techniques for antique furniture, especially those made of expensive woods like mahogany. Originating in the 18th century in (you’ve guessed it!) France, it is renowned for producing a high-shine finish.

The process consists of applying several layers of shellac, a substance secreted by the female Lac beetle which produces a stunning finish, rich in colour and chatoyancy (that cat-eye effect that many consider extremely beautiful).

Whether you’re looking to add finishing touches to a piece of furniture or working on a larger project, Prestige French Polishing is committed to providing a speedy and professional service.

Lengthy and repetitive, French Polishing can take a long time but the results are always worth it. Although there are other finishes available, it is still one of the most popular polishing techniques for owners of antiques made of finely figured wood.

Prestige French Polishing are true experts in this technique along with a wide range of other specialist varnishes and repairs. We help everybody from private home owners to interior designers who need a French Polisher.

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