Need Professional French Polishers in London?

Are you an interior designer who needs professional French Polishers? Prestige French Polishing are ideal for anybody in the capital looking to have antique furniture restored or repaired.

Our team can help both private individuals and interior designers in London who require traditional French polishing.

Whether you have a large project on your hands or need to polish single piece of antique furniture, our highly trained team can help. We have over 15 years of experience in the field of wood finishing and repairs and can offer a variety of polishes for your furniture.

Few other types of polish produce such a high gloss surface.

French polishing is one of the most famous wood polishing techniques, and one of the most enduring, having been around since the Victorian period. Made the secretions of the female lac beetle, French polish creates a deep and rich gleam, with a beautiful chatoyancy that enhances the appearance of wood.

Prestige French Polishing are perfect for anybody looking for a quick and efficient service, even at the last minute. We have an excellent reputation and always produce a quality finish that exceeds all expectations.

If you need professional French Polishers in London, simply get in touch today.

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