Professional French Polishers London

French polishing adds irresistible shine to any furniture. However it is particularly beautiful on highly figured wood, which is often found on 17th century pieces.

Although it’s more fragile than modern polish, it’s also much easier to correct. Patch repairs can be easily blended into an existing finish.

It involves adding many layers of shellac, resulting in a high gloss surface, deep colour and chatoyancy. The latter refers to the fibrous structure of wood. Certain polishes, like French polishing, bring out a striking reflective effect in wood. This is sometimes called ‘popping the grain’, as it creates an iridescence, vibrancy and glow. It’s also sometimes referred to as a ‘wet look’, as the polish is so slick.

If you require this specialised technique in London, consider Prestige French Polishing. Our expert French polishers will make any antique look like new. Based in the city itself, we’ve built up an extensive reputation over the past 15 years.

Whether you have a handrail or table, get in touch today. We work throughout the city, including Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill.

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