Save Your Antiques With Our Furniture Repairs

It’s always a sad day when your favourite antique begins to fall apart. Whether a table’s legs have begun to totter or the wood is chipped, all is not necessarily lost. Most older furniture can be repaired and restored to its former glory; all it needs is a professional pair of hands.

Prestige French Polishing provide furniture repairs throughout London, including in Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill.

Give your furniture the royal treatment with Prestige.

Whether you’ve found an antique which you wish to restore, or have a larger project- like a wooden staircase- our team have worked on all kinds of pieces. London is full of amazing antique shops where you can pick up some incredible bargains, but they’re not always in the best condition. With our help you could raise the value of your purchase, and bring it along to the Antiques Road Show some day!

Our services include not only furniture repairs, but, as our name suggests, French polishing, along with lacquer finishes, oiling and waxing, colour spraying, graining, colour matching, touch ups, scratch or chip removal, and more.

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