Seeking Professional French Polishers In London?

When looking for professional French polishers in London, look towards Prestige French Polishing for a highly experienced team who have a passion for this traditional technique.

Why choose this type of polishing?

French polishing results in a high-gloss finish with a rich colour and chatoyancy, with the finish considered one of the most beautiful for highly figured wood, although it is softer than modern varnishes. The upshot to this is the polish is much easier to repair when damaged.

Preserving the natural beauty of wood.

If the phrase ‘French polishing’ makes you think of the 18th century, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The technique became prominent in the 18th century, being considered the best polishing method for fine furniture and other string instruments- which it still is.

The French polish itself is made of shellac which derives from resin secreted by the Lac beetle, which lives on trees in India and Thailand.

Because the process is lengthy and labour intensive, people often prefer to use professional polishers, like Prestige French Polishing, who can make your wood shine like a mirror.

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