The Beauty Of Traditional French Polishing

Would you like to restore your furniture and give it a fresh new look? Traditional French polishing is one of the easiest ways to do this.

Traditional French polishing is by far one of the most attractive finishes for antique furniture. This wood finishing technique has been around since the Victorian times and remains extremely popular to this day.

DIY French polishing can be extremely laborious which is why most people prefer to hire a professional carry out the work. Whether you own an antique staircase, table or writing desk, Prestige French Polishing can ensure it’s restored to the highest standards.

We work throughout West London to provide the finest French polishing for a wide range of clients. Our team can also carry out more modern restoration techniques, along with expert furniture repairs.

Prestige French Polishing regularly help interior designers and commercial companies with larger projects in London, along with private homeowners.

We can easily supply a selection of samples to help you decide which finish you would prefer. Prestige French Polishing have a huge choice of colours, sheens and finishes to suit your furniture.

If you need a French Polisher in West London, simply get in touch today.

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