Traditional French Polishing In Kensington

The French aren’t just famous for having ‘the language of love’; they’re also the inventors of one of the best polishing techniques. French polishing is still one of the best ways to make old furniture gleam, restoring that mirror-like shine, which made it so attractive in days-gone-by.

This wood finishing technique doesn’t only create a high-gloss surface; it also restore the wood’s rich colours and chatoyancy.

It works by the polisher applying layers of shellac (resin secreted from female lac bugs), dissolved in alcohol. Unlike other lacquers, any mistakes can easily be corrected without fuss.

Not only is it the best finish for fine furniture, it’s also perfect for string instruments, like grand pianos.

Since the process is very labour intensive and rather monotonous, it’s makes sense to hire an experienced expert, like Prestige French Polishing. Our team work throughout West London, including Kensington, restoring antiques to their former glory. With over 15 years’ of experience with French polishing techniques, your furniture will be in safe hands no matter its age.

What better way to celebrate a whole new year, than to give old furniture a new lease of life?

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