Traditional French Polishing In London

Do you have a much loved antique, that could benefit from professional polishing? If you’re looking to protect and enhance the appearance of your furniture, Traditional French Polishing could be ideal.

The shellac used in this technique will protect against sunlight, humidity and damage like water marks. It also produces a rich colour with beautiful depths, so can really bring your wood back to life.

So, what precisely is shellac, with its seemingly magical properties? Well, it’s actually a resin produced from none other than the female lac insect, which is found in India and Thailand. Despite hundreds of years of wood care, this substance is still one of the most impressive and popular. And unlike other lacquers, it can easily be repaired or restored.

If you’re seeking Traditional French Polishing specialists in London, contact our friendly team today. Prestige French Polishing are highly experienced wood care experts, who offer a wide range of services, including this traditional technique.

Other services we have include lacquering, metallic finishes, colour matching and staining, graining, oiling/waxing, touch-ups, scratch and chip removals, and much more. We cover the whole of London- especially West London, including Kensington and Chelsea.

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