Traditional French Polishing In West London

Do you have mahogany or oak antiques in London, and want to restore them to their former glory? Whether you have a table or staircase, French polishing is one of the best ways to finish off this type of wood.

Producing a deep lustrous shine, this technique produces a scintillating, mirror-like effect. Walnut and Rose wood also benefit greatly from traditional French Polishing. If you have furniture from the Georgian and Regency period, it will probably have been polished using this process. Victorian furniture, meanwhile, will have almost have definitely had French polishing at some point.

Improve the colour, sheen and finish of your furniture.

Whether you have an old bookcase, or have bought an antique table in London, French polishing will both improve the appearance of your furniture, and protect it from future damage. Delicately restoring colour and shine, French Polishing experts can also remove ring marks, heat marks, scratches and water marks.

Based in West London, our company is ideal for those based in Kensington, Chelsea, Notting Hill and Knightsbridge. If you’re unsure of the colour and finish you like, our team can show you samples beforehand.

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